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No Drink Service for You…

Also known as Still Flying Dry on Southwest Airlines

The Southwest planes at Nashville International Airport

UPDATE: So I have some good news and some sad news. The sad news is that as of September 23, 2020, there is still no boozy beverage service on Southwest Airlines. I haven’t been able to find whether Southwest will extend the expiration dates on 2020 drink coupons past the end of the year. This is sad for me and my fellow travelers aboard flights from Los Angeles to Nashville and Nashville to Ft. Lauderdale. The good news, which doesn’t quite make up for the bad news, is that Southwest has added some delicious Plane Cookies to their Covid snack selection. These cookies are almost like graham crackers with a mild cinnamon taste. And they’re shaped like airplanes! How cute is that? Like I said, doesn’t make up for the lack of a cocktail on any of my flights, but we take the better with the bitters.

If you happen to land in Nashville and want a spirited beverage, there is one consolation. It was easier for me to find a beer than a coffee in Concourse D, from where many of the Southwest flights depart. I had to walk over to Concourse C find the Starbucks for my changing-planes-pick-me-up before boarding my connector to Florida. Fat Bottom Brewery has a kiosk in D with a nice selection of their craft beers. If you’re a bit more daring, there is no lack of moonshine in all different flavors at the Hudson News stand or at the bookstore. There’s even a pickle moonshine, in true Tennessee style. Not sure how good they’d be, but to each their own. Please note that you cannot consume your own hooch on a flight, per FAA regulations, but it can be something you look forward to as an after flight night cap. Though I still don’t know about those pickles…

Moonshine pickles

Here’s to safe travels, even without an in-flight bracer. Happy contrails!


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