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Friday Fun Wine List: Gone to the Dogs

There’s not much better on a Friday evening after a long week of work, than to enjoy a relaxed dinner and a nice glass of red with friends. Or in this case, man’s best friend. So for your consideration are a list of wines that are either named after dogs or feature a dog on their label. The best part is that these selections have been hits at many a dinner party- with or without dogs present- and most of these labels are under $15.

Paxis Red Blend- $8.99, Total Wine and More– This is one that I have featured before in a post, and still swear by whenever I can find it. Yes, I first purchased this red blend from Portugal because of the label. I was attending a school-related function (off campus, adults only), and the school’s mascot is the Bulldog. Bulldog wine for the Bulldogs, what could fit better? It was an instant hit, and with good reason. It is described as being a dark, structured wine with tannins and dark berry fruit. I just know that it tasted really good with the Mediterranean cuisine I had at the dinner. This label can also be found at Costco at a lower price, however I’ve found their stock to be hit or miss lately.

Bar Dog- $11.99, Target– This California red blend is easy to find right off the shelf at your local Target store. Bar Dog features a smooth, ripe blend of plum, cherry, and spice with notes of cocoa. The tannins on this red are very gentle, which makes it easy to drink and easily pairable with a variety of dishes. I enjoyed it with some pasta in red sauce for a weeknight dinner and it was great. The red blend consists of 86% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, 4% Syrah varietals. I really liked the story behind Bar Dog, which was named after the creator’s Boston Terrier. In addition to getting a good wine, Bar Dog partners with animal rescue organizations to assist them in providing pet food, supplies, and veterinary care for dogs awaiting adoption. I see that as a win-win-win.

19 Crimes Cali Red- $12.99, Target– So it’s more like a Dogg rather than a Dog, but I really enjoy 19 Crimes Cali Red featuring Snoop Dogg. In fact, it is my current go-to when I need to pick up a bottle of wine for personal or professional reasons. I first tried it at a dinner party, and I believe the host originally purchased it because of the novelty of the Snoop label, which did create a stir. But after that, the verdict was that Snoop Dogg wine is indeed really good. It is a delicious, rich red wine blend with a petite syrah at the center with expressive aromas of black and blue fruits. The palate features flavors of candied fruit and dark toasty oak with a lightly sweet finish. Cali Red is the debut wine in Snoop’s partnership with the Australian wine-maker 19 Crimes. There is also a Cali Rosé for those who enjoy wines that taste more like juice.

Man’s best drinking buddy

Nectar of the Dogs- wine club, pricing varies– So the last wine I would like to feature is one that I learned out about from a friend. Nectar of the Dogs is a wine company based in Simi Valley California, and features monthly red and white blends from California. The company was started by two friends who share a love of dogs and wine, which is something I completely understand. The dogs on the labels are their actual dogs who have since passed away, leaving paw prints in their hearts. Proceeds from the sale of the wines go to assist dog rescue groups to help pups find their forever homes, which is another win-win-win as we sip for a cause with our best friends. I am hoping to receive a small subscription in my Christmas stocking this year. While this is not an under-$15 wine, these wines make a nice treat, especially the lighter varietals.

So here’s to good times and good wines with our very best friends- both the two-legged sort and the four. May we all take pawz this weekend in the midst of all the crazy busyness of our lives. Cheers!

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