My Dog on My Blog

This page is dedicated to photos of Owen, our Golden retriever. He’s our happy guy, hiking buddy, and all-around best friend. I can’t recall a time when he was ever a ‘cranky camper.’

Owen 1
The first few days home, almost five years ago
Oh that face!
Sami loves dressing him up in pink bandanas. Not sure why
good boi
Sit. Stay. Good boy.
Hey! That’s my coffee!
My valentine.

Hiking the Upper Winter Creek trail, looking stylish in his My Busy Dog booties and Ruffwear backpack

Golden hours
Owen goes camping.

Owen and me at Joshua Tree
Easter bunnies. We were so thankful to have Owen home after his time at the veterinary hospital.

Leo Carrillo State Beach- Dogs Allowed area
Sky’s so blue in Malibu