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Friday Fun Wine List: Wines That Taste Like Juice

Two of my recommended “juice wines.” Caposaldo and Stella Rosa

I typically prefer red wines that are medium-full, but I will admit that sometimes it’s nice to enjoy a chilled light sweet wine, especially in the 90-plus degree weather we’ve been experiencing lately. Most “juicy” wines I would recommend are white varietals or blends, however, there are a couple of exceptions. Here are a few of my picks and where to find them. And they’re all under $10.

Tropical Passionfruit Moscato- Costco, 9.99- This bright Moscato from Italy features tropical fruit flavors and aromas.  It is super refreshing chilled and is a sweet wine without being too sweet. It comes in a pretty light green bottle with a twist-off cap, making it the perfect drink to bring to a picnic at the Hollywood Bowl.

Caposaldo Sparkling Peach Moscato- Costco, 9.99- Feeling peachy? Also from Italy, this peach Moscato is bubbly and sweet, with the taste of freshly picked peaches, citrus, and honeysuckle.  To me, it’s summer in a beautifully decorated bottle. And since Southern California didn’t get the memo that it’s fall, I picked up a bottle to enjoy.

Stella Rosa- most major retailers, 8.99-10.99-  Stella Rosa is a selection of wines imported by San Antonio Winery, located right here in Downtown Los Angeles. Anything Stella (with the exception of its prosecco) to me tastes like juice. Shown above is the Stella Red, which is labeled a semi-sweet wine.  The Red is not as sweet as the Stella Peach or Stella Berry, but it still goes down like juice.  The Stella Black is also semi-sweet with a bit of sparkle, and the rich flavors of berries.  Stella Black is so far my favorite Stella, but then I had it first on an anniversary date at the winery with the husband, so memory probably influences flavor in this case.

costco wines
It’s always fun to look at the Costco wine selection.

Have a wonderful weekend. Here’s to another work week gone by. Cheers!

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