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Tournament of Roses 2019: What was Missed

It doesn’t happen too often, but there are breakdowns and other issues that happen on parade day. For those snags, there are towing companies at the ready just in case something goes wrong.

At yesterday’s 130th Tournament of Roses, there was indeed a malfunction toward the end of the parade. With two floats behind it, in addition to the Royal Cadet band from Sweden, and the closing units, the Chinese American Heritage Foundation float suffered a malfunction on Orange Grove that resulted in a small fire. The float itself didn’t appear damaged, but unfortunately, the result was a breakdown requiring a tow. This appeared easier said than done. The float was massive. Two tow trucks couldn’t get it much further down past the turn onto Colorado Boulevard. And there were still units behind it.

The float itself was lovely. It featured two train locomotives joined by the golden spike commemorating the sesquicentennial of the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad. With all the planning, labor, and finances that go into the creation of floats, it was sad to see this one unable to proceed down the parade route.


The two floats behind it and the band were able to get around it after some delay. Sadly by then, the live broadcasts had ended, and many parade-goers had already left. I too, unfortunately, didn’t get any photos of the band or the Rose Bowl float, but here are photos of South Pasadena’s ‘Three Little Birds’ and the 811 Underground Service Alert floats.

Look before you dig: Underground Service Alert float
Three Little Birds
South Pasadena’s 2019 submission, ‘Three Little Birds’

Even with the snafus, a great day was had. I love New Years Day in So Cal. Here’s to a lovely 2019. Cheers!

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