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Flying Dry on Southwest Airlines

Southwest planes at Ft. Lauderdale’s Gate B

UPDATE: So I have some good news and some sad news. The sad news is that as of September 23, 2020, there is still no boozy beverage service on Southwest Airlines. I haven’t been able to find whether Southwest will extend the expiration dates on 2020 drink coupons past the end of the year. This is sad for me and my fellow travelers aboard flights from Los Angeles to Nashville and Nashville to Ft. Lauderdale. The good news, which doesn’t quite make up for the bad news, is that Southwest has added some delicious Plane Cookies to their Covid snack selection. These cookies are almost like graham crackers with a mild cinnamon taste. And they’re shaped like airplanes! How cute is that? Like I said, doesn’t make up for the lack of a cocktail on any of my flights, but we take the better with the bitters. Happy contrails!

On account of his job, the husband was traveling nearly every week prior to the Covid19 restrictions. His carrier of choice was Southwest, the U.S.’s largest domestic airline, and as a result of weekly flights from Los Angeles to Chicago he quickly achieved A-list Preferred Status. With that came a nice supply of coveted free drink coupons, which entitle the bearer to a free boozy beverage, which runs $7 if paying by credit card. I’ve seen these highly desirable vouchers selling on eBay for about $20 for sets of four or eight. I have been able to take advantage of his superfluity of drink coupons on my travel, which was not nearly as often, but was nevertheless made all the better by that cup of airplane wine or grapefruit vodka and cran-apple cocktail, which is seriously the best airline cocktail ever.

My typical travel essentials

At time of writing, I am en route to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida from Los Angeles, with a stop in Denver making for a long day of travel. It would be really nice to use one of our many free drink coupons to add to the Southwest experience. Unfortunately, however, Southwest suspended their snack and beverage service back in March 2020 thanks to the pandemic. And while they are resuming hospitality service on flights longer than 250 miles, they are only serving up chips and a canned water as you enter the aircraft. The typical drink service, including alcoholic beverages is still currently suspended. Very disappointing, though I guess it’s better than nothing. Which is what you would get on short-haul flights less than 250 miles.

So the ‘Rona has taken away yet another thing, but it’s really small unfermented potatoes in the grand scheme of things. The pandemic has caused many more serious issues, not the least of which is the economic impacts on families and businesses. The good news for travelers is that Southwest is extending the expiration dates on coupons expiring throughout 2020 to December 31, 2020. For those with companion passes, they are extending those as well by 6 months out or 12 months for A-listers. And in the interest of safety, I guess it is for the best. I’ll be thankful that I at least get a pretzel and bagel chip snack mix and some H2O to enjoy with the pack of gummy sharks I brought along. Here’s to a safe summer of adventure. Cheers! Or not…

For Southwest Airlines Covid19 Updates, visit

Stay safe and well. Happy contrails!

Chris the Puppy and his buddy Hunter have the luxury of their own middle seat, thanks to the Covid measures.
Leaving LAX

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