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Mountains of Monrovia

Penny and I enjoy the mountain views.

With the state of California slowly opening up, I am happy to report that for the past several weeks, parks and playgrounds across Los Angeles County have been open. We still have to follow social distancing procedures and wear masks, but to be honest, after these many months, I’m just happy to be outside and playing. It has done wonders for our mental health to start to return to a sort-of feeling of normalcy.

On one sunny Sunday, Emily and I took the bunny to one of my favorite parks. Nestled in the foothills of Monrovia is Grand Avenue Park, a small 3.5 acre park that features a concrete rink for scooters or bikes, a play structure, and picnic tables. The park is kind of hidden in the residential area north of Foothill Boulevard, and there’s no parking lot. After you park your car on the street, you walk the long set of steps down into the park. Once inside the park, you’re rewarded with a large green space with stunning views of the mountains to the north.

Penelope really enjoyed her time basking in the sun and eating the sweet grass. We put her on her bunny leash and allowed her to hop around. She liked the woodsy areas, and it seemed as though she liked to pretend to be a wild bunny. That is up until she found some nice dried leaves to munch on.

Monrovia has seven other great parks, one of them being Canyon Park. For more information, visit the City of Monrovia. I can’t wait to get outside more. Happy trails!

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