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Of Farmer’s Markets and Family Dinners

Scoutie at family dinner

This summer’s trip to Prague was a bit different than those prior. For starters, we were traveling with more of the family. Nate was able to join us on this trip along with Sami. The pace was also a bit different, even with the busyness of city-hopping. Most of our busy sightseeing days were on the Berlin portion of the vacation; our time in Prague was more family-centered. That’s not to say that our time in Berlin wasn’t or that we didn’t go sightseeing while back in Prague; after all it was Nate’s first time in the Czech Republic. But we did enjoy some slower days punctuated by family dinners and visits with Emily’s bunny, Scout.

I cannot express how thankful I am to have had the time with family, especially on the heels of a very difficult last few years. It was wonderful to just be able to spend time with Emily and Scout, to celebrate Sami’s 15th birthday abroad, and put more miles on bikes and scooters as we rode around Prague in the setting sun.

While there have been some tough days with Emily being so far away, she’s also made a home for herself in Prague. It was nice to have her thoughts on where to go eat or fun ideas for family activities. On Sami’s birthday, we biked around Stromovka, the Royal Game Preserve. The park is Prague’s largest at 250 acres and dates back to the mid-1200s. Over the centuries, the park and its features have been built up. On the grounds there is a summer house, lakes, bridges, and trails perfect for biking and strolling. Emily took us to the park after a dumpling dinner at one of her favorite spots. We rented bikes along with a scooter for Sami, who seems to have become addicted to electric scooters, and went around the serene grounds of the park. It was idyllic. Sami was enchanted by the swans floating gracefully on the water, and time passed quickly while on our bikes. Stromovka was a perfect setting for photos and family fun.

Not only did Emily have great ideas on where to hang out and many recommendations on where to shop, she also had some great suggestions on dining. We ate well on this trip, and we visited several of her favorite places for meals. But perhaps my favorite family dinner was the one where Scoutie joined us for family dinner.

We headed to Kro Kitchen Bistro and Rotisserie in Vinohrady, just a few blocks from Emily’s apartment. The close proximity enabled Emily to put Scout in a pet sling carrier to bring her to dinner. After a short wait, we were able to dine al fresco, with a bunny in our party. We may have looked a bit cooky, but it was fun- and the food was good, as was the beer. Good food, good company, and good memories- what more can one ask for?

Scoutie also accompanied us on Emily’s weekly trip to the farmer’s market in the park by her home. We put on her bunny leash and into a floral print basket from Flying Tiger. Scout was treated to fresh veggies from vendors and plenty of attention. She was fascinated by the jahody- strawberries- which are among her favorite foods. I did have a momentary scare when she tried to hop out. Her leash was attached to the basket so she probably would not have gotten far, but it scared me nonetheless. It was still a fun afternoon spent with the girls while Nate and Michael did some shopping.

While Emily is still adjusting to her life in the Czech Republic, it is good to see her growing up. Likewise, while Jacob was not able to accompany us on this trip to visit his sister, I am happy that he is pursuing his dream of joining the service. This trip in a way served as yet another reminder the the kids are growing up very quickly, and that there isn’t much we can do to slow the passage of time. But we can enjoy the time that we have together and make memories of moments. I am learning too that while we hold our children close, we learn to let them go so that they can grow. And I am so thankful for it all.

Riding in the summer sunset.

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