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Coloma: California Gold

In early 1848, while constructing a mill along the South Fork of the American River, James Marshall made a fateful discovery- gold. What followed had implications for the people of what would soon after become the state of California. The Gold Rush of 1849 ensued and brought an estimated 300000 prospectors to the territory in… Continue reading Coloma: California Gold

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Whitewater Rafting on the American River

This past weekend took us back up north of Sacramento for another adventure on the American River. We had planned on returning since our last trek in 2018, however the Covid pandemic put a pin in those plans. So we were excited to finally be able to make it back up in May 2023. Coloma,… Continue reading Whitewater Rafting on the American River

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North Etiwanda Preserve

After sitting for the school counseling praxis exam this past Saturday, I enjoyed a beautiful hike on a clear bright blue-sky day. I just happened to be in San Bernardino County, which had the closest testing center with availability on that date. So after completing the test, I continued about eight miles northeast and headed… Continue reading North Etiwanda Preserve

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Wild Winters Melt into Springs

Enjoying the cool mist from the Brown Mountain Dam waterfall The wild weather of the past several months in California is yielding some lovely results. While technically not a 'superbloom' in many areas, the superfluity of water has sprouted many beautiful blooms across verdant hills in southern and central California. I enjoyed the drive up… Continue reading Wild Winters Melt into Springs

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Death Valley: Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes

Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes Death Valley is a desert landscape of countless natural wonders. From the vast salt flats and the lowest point in North America and the rugged canyons carved by erosion from uplifted rock material, there are many opportunities for geological exploration and recreation. There are also sand dunes, thanks to wind erosion.… Continue reading Death Valley: Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes