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America’s Everglades

One of the Everglades' famous alligators While on a short hop to Miami, Florida, in the southeastern United States, we decided to spend a day at Everglades National Park. The South Florida peninsula is naturally a wetland, and water once freely flowed from Lake Okeechobee south to the Florida Bay. Manmade activities and development, both… Continue reading America’s Everglades

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Disney 2K17: Magic Kingdom vs. Disneyland

This post is a continuation of my Disney 2K17 Vacay series.  After considering how I would write this article, I decided to share how our family talked about our experience over our two days at Magic Kingdom: a comparison of "our" Anaheim, California park to Orlando, Florida's. Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort is the park that… Continue reading Disney 2K17: Magic Kingdom vs. Disneyland

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Our Disney Vacation 2K17

Like many Americans- 70 percent according to AAA- the Haas family takes at least one vacation every year.  Being a lifelong Disney fan, or rather obsessed- the question we asked ourselves almost every year since we married back in 2001 was "When would be a good time to go to Disney World?" One might be surprised that it took… Continue reading Our Disney Vacation 2K17