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Friday Fun Wine List: Gone to the Dogs

There's not much better on a Friday evening after a long week of work, than to enjoy a relaxed dinner and a nice glass of red with friends. Or in this case, man's best friend. So for your consideration are a list of wines that are either named after dogs or feature a dog on… Continue reading Friday Fun Wine List: Gone to the Dogs

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Friday Fun Wine List: 2020 Edition

I should vinify a wine called "The Murder Hornet." I don't need to tell anyone that 2020 has been one hell of a strange year. The 'Roaring 20's' certainly came in with a snarl, albeit in totally the wrong direction, and the sense of impending doom felt by many hasn't eased up as the coronavirus… Continue reading Friday Fun Wine List: 2020 Edition

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A Day in LeClaire, Iowa

Our last day in Iowa was spent in the town of LeClaire, right on the banks of the Mighty Mississippi. What brought us there was the husband’s wish to check out Antique Archaeology from History Channel’s “American Pickers.” We found so much more. We did indeed head to Antique Archaeology, joining the many visitors at… Continue reading A Day in LeClaire, Iowa

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Friday Fun Weekend Wine List

And most of these are $6.99 and under. Thank goodness we have made it to the weekend! After the busyness of juggling kids and their activities, work, and home, it's so good to be able to slow down and enjoy dinner with friends or even just sit and binge watch Dr. Who. And the perfect… Continue reading Friday Fun Weekend Wine List