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School Beautiful: Desert Landscapes

Living in California we hear constantly about the necessity to be water-wise and to strenuously conserve water at all costs.  During the infamous six-year drought, we cut back on watering our lawns and began the switch to native and drought-tolerant landscaping. We used this as an opportunity to teach our Scouts, kids in first through fifth grades about the principles of conservation and sustainability through landscaping projects at our elementary school.

The project featured here took place at the end of this past March.  Generous donors, including home improvement giants Lowe’s and Orchard Supply Hardware, along with local quarries and nurseries, provided the plants and materials to make the project possible.  The plants were California native and Australian plants. These we thought would stand the best chance of surviving the arid crushed granite soil with little to no irrigation. A dry, hot summer claimed a few of the plants, so it was back to Lowe’s to get a couple red yucca and cordyline to clean up the look.

On the bright side, because we selected drought-tolerant plants a majority of them did survive the summer. In fact, the desert cassia did very well with heat and neglect, and there were some pretty new branches on the museum palo verde tree. But the best part is that the kids learned a little bit about the importance of conservation, and the kindergarten families have a pleasant xeriscape to enjoy.

For more of our landscaping projects, check out our Pinterest in the button on the welcome page.

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