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Henninger Flats Wildflowers and a Word of Caution

Move over super bloom. After about 12 consecutive weeks of hiking the trail leading to Henninger Flats above Altadena, CA, I have a nice collection of pretty photos to share. The unusually wet rainy season has given us some spectacular wildflowers even on a sun-drenched trail as the days have been getting warmer. I have very much enjoyed nature’s display. The photos really don’t do justice, but I hope you enjoy them.

Some things to consider:

On a more somber note, there is an inherent danger in hiking, even along familiar trails. I was shocked to read this morning about a stabbing that occurred on the Henninger Flats trail just last night. It is always a good idea to be aware of your surroundings at all times.

It’s good to let a trusted friend or relative know where you’re going and when you’ll return. The Los Angeles County Sheriffs Office has a hiking plan that can be filled out and given to said trusted friend in the unlikely event something happens.

Remember to be prepared. Bring your essentials: water, trail snacks, attention-getter in case something goes wrong, sun and weather protection. Have a plan that takes into account possible challenges you might find on the trail.

As they say on the Crime Junkie podcast, “Be weird, be rude, and stay alive.” It’s okay to trust your gut and be suspicious of people when warranted. There are people who might take advantage of the quietness of a trail. In fact, we recently had to call the sheriff’s office with regard to someone who appeared to be a transient on the trail who was spitting at me and my hiking companion. You can’t be too careful.

But also remember to enjoy the experience. A trek out in nature is a great way to relax and gain perspective. And often times, some of the nicest people you’ll meet are on the trail. Happy trails!

LA County Sheriffs hiking plan:

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