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What Not to Order at a Czech Restaurant

And other recommendations for when in Prague This most recent trip to Prague to celebrate Christmas with Emily was different in that we did not travel outside of Prague, nor did we do anything 'new' beside visiting the Christmas markets. Part of the reason for this was that the trip was very fast in comparison… Continue reading What Not to Order at a Czech Restaurant

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European Christmas Markets

This Christmas, instead of having Emily fly back home again, we decided to fly out to Prague to visit her and her now bigger bunny, Baby Scout. While this came with a higher cost for airfare than either our summer trip or our Thanksgiving trek last year, it was worth it to finally have the… Continue reading European Christmas Markets

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Historic Berlin: The Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall There are few events that occurred in my lifetime that perhaps have had such an impact on the Western world as the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. I recall as a young child hearing President Reagan's famous words and watching the aftermath from thousands of miles away, not really understanding… Continue reading Historic Berlin: The Berlin Wall

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The Healing Waters of Karlovy Vary

Mill Colonnade It has long been said that drinking the waters from the hot springs of youth will bring life and vigor back to your bones, curing all sorts of ailments. As such, Karlovy Vary has been a popular destination and spa town for past several centuries, with nobility, politicians, and other people of influence… Continue reading The Healing Waters of Karlovy Vary