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The Fires Around Us

It has been a sad week here in the San Gabriel Valley. Since Labor Day weekend, amidst a record-breaking, infernal heat wave, the mountains above us have been scorched by fire. A persistent brown-grey cloud has hovered over the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains and the valley below, causing extremely poor air quality, yet… Continue reading The Fires Around Us

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The Great ShakeOut: Preparing for the Big One

Our car first aid kit, jumper cables and other emergency repair items, a plushie for Sami, along with cards and books to entertain if we're stuck somewhere. Just in case. This morning, schools and businesses across the Golden State participated in a massive statewide earthquake drill called "The Great Shakeout." At one of our school… Continue reading The Great ShakeOut: Preparing for the Big One

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On Hurricane Andrew

Hurricanes are something I never experienced living on the West Coast. We have many friends and family living in Texas who were directly impacted by Hurricane Harvey's devastating deluge, and while we have been in communication with and in prayer for them, for some reason, we have been more watchful of Hurricane Irma and its… Continue reading On Hurricane Andrew