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Exploring Prague: Souvenir Shopping Fun

Contrary to what some may think, I am not a huge shopper. I mean, I do go shopping, and at times even derive some fun from the experience depending on what I am shopping for and where (I'm looking at you, Target), but I would much prefer to have figured out in advance what I… Continue reading Exploring Prague: Souvenir Shopping Fun

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Disney 2K17: Magic Kingdom vs. Disneyland

I could call this continuation of my Disney 2K17 Vacay series 'California versus Florida.'  Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort is the park that most resembles Disneyland here in California. It has many of what we think of as being classic Disney attractions: the Disney Railroad, It's a Small World, the castle, and so on. So I thought I… Continue reading Disney 2K17: Magic Kingdom vs. Disneyland